About Us


the group “Iqtidaa”

General supervisor/dr.Abdullah bn Hamod Elfareeh

It is a group that takes care of spreading the practices and Sunan of the Prophet PBUH . Because of the urgent need of Muslims in the Islamic World for presenting the daily Sunan and Adhkar of the Prophet PBUH , along with their authentic proofs and explanatory images, the project of “Sunan” comes to establish the presentation of the practices of the Prophet PBUH in a simplified form that helps the Muslim perform his daily acts of worship in a correct manner, and to warn of the incorrect innovations in worship that have been lately introduced in Muslim Communities today. The application came to serve Muslims in the Islamic World in different languages. Moreover, the group (Iqtidaa) welcomes any advice, guidance, or suggestions for support or development of this project, through the provided icon “Contact Us”.